Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Emma: Right Where I Am 2018: 5 years 2 months

The first time I wrote a 'right where I am' was just 1 month after we had Oscar. In some ways it feels like no time has passed but in others it feels oh so far away.  The death of Oscar has changed my world and my soul more than I can describe. I'm not that same person I was back when I was happily expecting Oscar, but I don't think who I am is a bad thing.

Since losing Oscar I very quickly got involved with our local branch of Sands. I couldn't dream of returning to my job in mental health but I needed my time to be filled. Then in January 2016 I became chair of that local group, a somewhat unwanted change but one I put my whole heart into. Then, just hours from it being 5 years since we discovered Oscar had died, I got a call that I'd been offered the job I'd wanted within the charity Sands. Just moments before that call I was sobbing on a train, wondering why on earth I hadn't remembered to take this day as leave. Then the call came that signalled to me Oscar was looking out for me.

I've always been on the spiritual side and losing Oscar didn't really strengthen or weaken this. Late last year I went to a show of a medium I had been to before who is just amazing. I have seen many mediums who have given people such weak random messages but this lady is undeniable. Strangely enough on the way there that evening I'd given a little request to the sky and wanted my Nana to come through if possible. The lady came onto the stage and within seconds said she had a baby with her who was born sleeping and his name is Oscar. The gasp of my friend next to me led her to me and she continued to described his garden (grave) and the differences of him and his sister. He made a request for a tractor toy and told me he loved me. And then she was done, I had to sit for another 90 minutes listening to others messages when all I wanted to do was sit and digest the messages from my boy.

That night on my drive home something shifted inside of me. I realised for the first time I'd been able to hear from my son, what he wanted and how he felt and that was incredible. Since that night something is different, my relationship with my son feels strengthened and I can cry less for him.

So I realise that this 'right where I am' has been rambling but the message I guess I want to pass on is that 5 years later I still miss and love my son dearly but I'm ok. I've been led onto a different path and now work for a charity that is making things better for babies and families. I'm ok.


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