Sunday, 29 December 2013

Julz: A Brand New Year

As the new year approaches, leaving the old one a memory; the clock strikes midnight in the hope that at a turn of a date people change, for the new and improved better them.

Another date, that as a bereaved parent means that we’re leaving our baby even further into the past.

A distant memory.

Upon leaving 2011 our baby was safely holding on tight,
My heart used as part of a life support system.

Lovingly speaking of the excitement the New Year would bring,
Hope, happiness and joy,
The happily ever after.

Leaving 2012, clinging onto our baby’s memory ensuring that she will stay in my heart forever,
With hope for a bright and shiny New Year,
Knowing that it was “only last year” that we had held her, kissed her,
Even changing her nappy nothing more than fond memory.

“Only a Year ago”

Here we are leaving 2013, our first year where we can no longer say
“This time last year”
Time’s way of attempting to wipe her further from our memory.

Expectations to be had that now it has been two years, an expectation that this has indeed been long enough to grieve.

Time to get over everything; move on and return to normal.

But when you can’t remember “normal” life, it is hard to return to an exact point in time.

When everything has changed but the changes can’t be physically be seen.

Do we mention our baby, now as much as we did in 2013?

Because it was after all “only last year.”

Creeping into 2014 when part of you remains in 2012, does our “Bereaved Parent” title get stripped?

Hearts that were for a short while allowed to be ripped wide open for all to see, ensuring her memory be kept alive through grief; now need to be lightly held together by tape and glue.

Because the real world deems you fit to move on.

A widow doesn’t get stripped of her title,
Even 20 years down the line she can still be deemed a widow.

Children who lose a parent aren’t expected to replace them, to move on too quickly.

But a lot child, a lost future, even a lost past has a timescale.

Nothing set in stone but obvious cracks in questions.

The forgotten children.

Moving into 2014 away from our month old daughter leaves me to think
How much further can I bring her with me openly?

Or will she gradually become more and more my elephant in the room
Invisible to all apart from me.

Forever locked inside 2012.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Julz: A Waddling Bump to Wading in Treacle

Two years, seems a life time ago.
It shouldn’t be it’s only
Two years….
Two years ago this Christmas, I had a teeny, tiny bump
Not quite 20 weeks.
Excitement knowing that a year from then we would have a 7 month old.
Signing Christmas cards
Love from bump and us,
A year from then we’d have an extra name.
It is acceptable to add plus bump,
Of course it is, it is a happy magical time bump is part of the family,
We didn’t know the gender, we weren’t even 20 weeks
Yet we could put
“Love from bump”.

Then bump turns into a very early baby.
We now have a name to put in the card,
An extra kiss, an extra smile joining in with the festivities.
We just have to sit back and wait for the months to pass,
As Christmas would be the next “big thing”

Only for you it never came,
You died.
You never saw Christmas.
The Christmas cards arrive
“To us”
“We’re thinking of you”
Some thought a little remembrance.
The sender is unsure of what to write.
The second Christmas,
The second one without you another reminder that
This year we should have had a toddler,
Yet the cards are empty from your name.
You did exist,
I’m sure you did,
I know you do
But why are you left out.
You’re still in my heart
But not in a card,
It’s not fair.
Your little sister is here, and people assume
That now we’re ok.
Christmas is now complete.
But we will always have an empty space,
Wishes are all we have;
What if’s and broken dreams.
We miss you now if not more than ever.
I wish I wasn’t wading through treacle.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stacey: Last Christmas

Last Christmas
I carried you near my heart
But the very next year you went away.
This year
Theres nothing but tears
We’re missing someone special.

Once bitten and twice shy
I think of another
But you still fill my mind.
Tell me why
I no longer recognise me?
what has happened this year,
It doesn't surprise me
(Merry Christmas)

I wrapped it up and sent it
For the angels to tell you "I love you,”
I meant it
Now I know what a mother is
I’d give anything to kiss you now
I know you'd heal me again.

Empty arms,
Consumed by my tired mind.
I'm hiding from the truth
And pain of the ice.
My god I thought you were coming home this year.
Me? I guess I have lost all innocence.

A face of pain with a fire of anger in my heart.
I try to keep it under cover but it tears me apart.
Now my heart has mothers love, you'll never be forgotten I promise.

Maybe next year I'll bring home someone
I'll bring home someone special.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stacey: Trying Again

Now we are approaching 8 months since Maisie died I am frequently getting more and more questions and comments about trying again. "Any exciting news? When are you going to try again? Are you ready for another baby yet?" I hope that this blog enlightens you all as to how complex and challenging trying again really is.

Trying again. Another baby. The next pregnancy. Your rainbow.

Such short sentences but they hold so much emotion: fear, anxiety, desperation, excitement and hope are just some of these. It is nearly 8 months since my first and only child Maisie was born and died. 8 months of should we try, shouldn’t we try, am I ovulating, where’s my period. It is exhausting but trying this time, it is different to the first time. I want to share with you how I have found the last 8 months and my feelings on trying again.

After Maisie was born I was desperate for another baby. I asked my husband how soon we could try again, he wanted to wait a few months and I was devastated.  I needed one it was a primal thing a desire deep inside me. But what I now recognise I wanted, was to replace Maisie because I didn’t want to be 4, 8, 12 weeks pregnant I wanted to be 21 weeks and I wanted it now. It was like I had pressed pause on my pregnancy with her and I wanted to be able to catch back up and press the play button.

The last 8 months have been hard physically, mentally and emotionally. I have only had 4 cycles. I have lasting physical effects from giving birth prematurely including new intense ovulation pains, long cycles of up to 3 months and incredible, excruciating periods. These are just some of the physical things for me to consider when it comes to trying again. The physical is the easy part. The emotional side is the stumbling block.

Fear and Anxiety

When you lose a baby your next pregnancy's path is already laid down before you, the story is already written, it will go wrong. You cannot imagine or envision it possibly going right and being able to come home from the hospital with a live, healthy baby. For me, with Maisie being my first child, I don’t know any different. I get pregnant, my baby dies. So why would I want to go through that again? Why would I want to give birth to my baby for them to die again? Why would I want another grave?

Trying again is not always about being ready for another baby.


This is something I only felt at the beginning. Over time I have had this replaced with a peace and acceptance that, when the time is right, we will try again and it will happen. It may take many years for us to both be ready and to fall pregnant but I know that one day it will happen again.

Excitement and Hope

These are the emotions I struggle with. I have not felt these at all. I often compare trying again to a set of scales. On one side you have fear and on the other you have hope. When hope outweighs the fear I know I will be ready.

These emotions are all very complex and deep. I feel that I can only give a slight glimpse into what I go through each day in trying to decide when the right time is to try again.

So next time you see me don’t ask me about trying again. Don’t tell me you're ready for me to have another baby because it’s not about you. I am not ready. Talk to me about the baby I already have. Don’t brush her under the carpet and ignore her. One day I will tell you that we are having another baby but it will be just that: another baby, a different baby, not the same one, not the same pregnancy and not the same experience. Next time I will be different for I am changed, maybe next time I won’t tell you for months, maybe I won’t tell you until (IF!) the baby arrives alive and healthy, maybe I will pull you closer and lean on you more. Who knows? Not me. All I know is you have to let me do this in my own time. 

Trying again is part of the grieving process and this cannot be rushed. Don’t push me, support me.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Julz: The Secret Society

The Secret Superheroes 

I don’t remember chasing a funny white rabbit, 
Neither did I fall down a magical hole;
Entering a dream that is undoubtedly never ending.
The Muggles versus the Wizards.
Superman and Clark Kent.
Bruce Wayne and Batman.
The Mother versus the Bereaved Mother. 
Only the final one didn’t give me Super Powers,
Our poison isn’t as simple as Kryptonite.
And we certainly can’t hide behind a cape and costume.
Like The Superheroes we have to be careful who we reveal our secrets to.

We’re not deadly.
But somehow we come across as terrifying
Though we don’t get given a wand 
Or even lessons on how to use our “powers” 
But we’re expected to know how to use them.
Our magical powers is living
With child sized hole in our hearts.
Expected to read minds,
To know who we can speak to, 
How far we can take the conversation. 
Is it easier to say 3 or 4?
Who am I trying to save?
Save people “normals” from the entirety of a pain,
But saving them by raising awareness so they never have to 
Endure this journey.

You could say we’re The Avengers 
No two parents' loss is the same
But we all have the power to save
The strength to break the thick wall of silence
Our magical power is



Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Katy: Happy 1st Birthday

A message to our boys on their first birthday...

Dear Matthew and Oliver,

Today you would have turned 1. If you were here, I'm sure that we would have had a really fun day with all your family. I would have made you each a cake (as soon as we found out that there were 2 of you we had decided that you shouldn't have to share a birthday cake!) We would have also had a little party and you would have had loads of pressies. I often wonder what you would be like now, what we would have brought you for your birthday, what you would be doing and little things like what colour your eyes would be.

But you aren't here, because you will always be 6 days old. However, that doesn't mean that we can't still have a special day for you. Me, Daddy and your Sisters are going to go in to town and see your special butterfly on the wall at the museum. After that we are going to plant a lovely tree we have brought for the garden. It is a Japanese Maple and the leaves go bright red every autumn. This means that it will look fabulous on your birthday every year. It also has a colourful sign so that everyone can see that it is in memory of two special boys.

We have also got a little present for your sisters. It is a book all about you so that they can grow up knowing all about their big brothers. They are a bit too small to understand it at the moment but I'm sure that they will love it when they are a bit bigger.

Me and your Dad still miss you both terribly and Emily and Sophie, your little sisters, would have loved to have met you. But we will try and make your birthday as happy as we can, a wonderful celebration of the two of you!

You can read more about Katy and her journey in her own blog 1 in 10 Thousand

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wave of Light 2013 Memorial Photos

For our little girls Molly & Grace whom we held in our arms for only a few hours but who are always in our hearts. Also remembering 3 little stars we never got to meet and all the little ones gone too soon from our lives. xxx


Candles lit in memory of Isaac and all the other babies that were too precious to stay with us. Forever missed and always loved and remembered. x


For our baby girl Ayla Hope Reading 1/2/12 - 4/2/12 and for all the babies that should be in our arms but instead will stay forever in our hearts x


For my precious Louie and all his little angel companions. Forever in my heart xxx


A candle burning brightly for Dinky and all the angels, lighting up the sky x


Our candle shining brightly for our beautiful Imogen, all the other precious babies taken to soon and especially for baby lavelle who we laid to rest just this morning. May the world light up for you all. Love you to the moon and back Imi pops.


Lighting a candle for Polly Skelton and all her other little angel friends


International Wave of Light - for our little man, & all the tiny angels not with their mummies & daddies xxx


 For our little princess Amelia-Mae Floaty kisses to all our little ones xxxx


For Chloe and all our precious angels x


My beautiful boy Oliver. Always in our hearts. Xxx


A beautiful photo from Melody's mummy, Julz, who held a very special event tonight in her local Church. You can read more about this wonderful event here:
Capture Your Grief Day 15: Wave of Light


For our baby boys x x


For my baby boy Angel xx


In memory of Katie 17/03/10, Taylor 27/07/97 and Max 20/01/07.
Beautiful angels playing among the stars. x


For Seren Evelyn Jones 31/05/13
And for Bobby, Beatrice, Archie, and Kyle and all the other angels I am saddened but honoured to know about. Xxx


Candles for my angels
Olivia Shorrock 02-04-2012 39+3 weeks pregnant
And Ben Johnson lost at 22 weeks pregnant x


Thinking of all those beautiful angels gone too soon.  X x x


xx Laura xx


In memory of my forever sleeping son James x


Thinking of my girls Emily and Beth and all the other little angels x


xx Joseph xx


For Seren 05.11.12-29.01.13 and Bean 2 30.09.11 and Bean 4 lost today xxxx


Jessica and all the Angels x


xx Baby Amison xx


xx Maison xx


For Max Charles and all the other babies who's amazing parents I have met in the last year and a half. We remember you little ones. xxxx


All the angel babies in my thoughts tonight xxx


xx Lucas xx


For my sweet sweet angel, Grace. 23.9.13


xx Olivia xx


In memory of our beautiful baby boy Lucas. X


For Laura and all the other little ones gone too soon x


For Charlotte Sofia Hannah, 01/02/13, forever 42 minutes old, forever loved xxxx


My candles for my beautiful daughter Rosalee Grace and all the precious babies and children taken too soon  xx


xx Lola xx


In loving memory of Georgie Currie, loved always xxx


In loving memory of Riley & Reece Jnr.
Thank you to their mummy Aidean for remembering lots of little ones along with her boys xx


For Nathaniel James list 17.12.11 and  beanie 24.11.10.
Always and forever in my heart until we meet again x


For Lily xxx


xx Maisie Rose xx


My beautiful Frankie, forever my angel xx


Bradley & Tyler's Wave of Light candles for them and their angel friends.
Think of them every day x


Clara: Wave of Light 2013

For the third year in a row, I will be taking part in the Wave of Light to raise awareness for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

For those who would like to take part, October 15th is the designated day of remembrance during Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month. The Wave of Light is an international event where people around the globe are asked to light candles at 7pm and leave them burning for one hour. The hope is that, as different timezones hit the 7pm mark, a continuous wave of light will move around the world. This also coincides with CarlyMarie's 'Capture Your Grief' photography project where Day 15's subject matter is this event.

This year I will be remembering my little girls and 3 little stars we never got to meet. We will also be asking family and friends to light a candle for them and send us the photo or post it on Facebook and tag us in it. I will add some of the photos here tonight.

In the meantime, you can read my post from last year by clicking on 'Wave of Light 2012' and here are some of our photos from that event also:

If you would like me to include your photos in memory of your own little ones, please email me at and I will include them here tonight also.

Much love to all the bereaved families. I hope that tomorrow brings a little bit of light and peace into your homes.

Clara xxx