Monday, 12 January 2015

Abii: My Missing Piece (For Harry)

Time goes on but doesn't alter,
I try my hardest not to falter,
My missing piece you'll always be,
A massive hole inside of me.

Life continues passing by,
I try so hard to stop the cry,
To brush away the falling tears,
To hide away from all my fears.

But the pain will never go,
I've suffered such a mortal blow,
You should have been baby boy,
That filled my life with so much joy.

Instead you left me far too early,
And my world was numb and blurry,
Blinded by the constant pain,
Can't see past unswerving rain.

It broke my heart to lose you so,
Before you had the chance to grow,
So many memories left unmade,
Too many adventures left unplayed.

Until that day we meet once more,
As you hold open heavens door,
My missing piece you'll always be,
Until the day you set me free.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and totally true. No parent ever gets over saying goodbye to their child. But we just have to live with it and keep their memory aalive. Xxx