Thursday, 11 April 2013

Joanna: The Robin

I think when something dreadful happens,
You go a little mad.
Your brain shuts off and stops to function-
Better mad than sad.

You see things and you genuinely
Believe them to be true.
Like the Robin in the garden,
Who I felt was really you.

Your little soul had passed away,
Somewhere it had to go.
The Robin's ruby red breast,
So bright against the snow.

Maybe it was the colour red,
So vibrant next to white.
The reminder of the blood
And the previous sleepless night.

Maybe it was the grief,
And the sadness and despair.
My mind looking for anything
Which my heart it might repair.

But maybe just the madness,
And a fight for something real.
A place for your lost soul to live,
Some hope for me to feel.

I watched the Robin fly away
As tears welled in my eyes.
And there I decided your soul went,
To soar up in the skies.

So when I see a Robin now,
I sit and stare a while
I think of you flying high above
And that thought makes me smile.

Joanna wrote this poem following a miscarriage and has kindly allowed us publish it on Loss Through the Looking Glass. Joanna writes about her motherhood journey on her blog My Little Rays of Sunshine. You can read more about her experience of miscarriage on her post 'Our Baby's Angel'.


  1. I am so glad Helen pointed you in our direction (and vice versa!)

    This is such a beautiful poem Joanna. Lots of things in nature make me think of my girls and my little stars and to think of their souls soaring in the sky is such a lovely thought.

    Beautiful, poignant words. Thank you for allowing us to publish here x

  2. Beautiful poem... thanks for sharing this x