Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fliss: Incompatible with Life

Our daughter had Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) and when told the diagnosis we were also told the words 'incompatible with life', despite medical assumptions we carried on with the pregnancy to give our daughter every chance we could.  It was worth it.  I wrote this shortly after she passed away...

Do not tell me my daughter is incompatible with life.

To be 'incompatible with life' you would not be able to exist - ever. But to make it through conception, growth, the development of a heart, lungs, liver, brain and all the other aspects that create a human being - which the name itself proves the existence of life - being - a human, being.

For 9 months our daughter grew inside me, she moved, she played, she slept, she grew stronger and stronger, she developed a personality, a soul.

The body she was given was destined to fail her and yet she continued to fight and she made it into the world to feel all the love that is here for her, from her mummy, her daddy, her brother and so so many more people, family, friends and others far and wide - to touch so many, make them stop and think, shed a tear for her, smile at how strong she is, be inspired by her - how many can say they have done that?

For 70 amazing hours our beautiful daughter fought on with the body she was given until she felt it was time to go, to leave it and spread her wings. But behind she leaves eternal love and pride from Mummy and Daddy and the impact of her strength and bravery on so many people.

Do not tell me my daughter is incompatible with life.


  1. I remember following Ayla's story - she amazed us all! Such a blessing xx

  2. I also remembered following her story and admiring how brave you were in the run up to her birth. Such precious memories that you shared with your beautiful little girl xxx