Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Clara: Names Out Loud

I was inspired by this post New Meaning to Names Out Loud, written by a wonderful friend and fellow silent mum.

It got me thinking about all the ways I remember my girls and also how great it is to see my girls' names in a variety of places and I thought I would show some of these here.

The day that Claudia wrote her boys' names on the beach in Costa Rica, she also remembered my girls:

My mum had this made for me:

My lovely sister-in-law remembered her nieces in Jamaica:


Pebbles from Perfect Pebbles (you can find them on FB):

My tattoo, incorporating two butterflies for my girls and two stars for my little ones lost in early pregnancy:

A friend who makes jewellery made this for me (Sparkle Jewellery on FB):

Another friend dropped these through my letterbox:

Names in pebbles from another friend and babyloss Mum and pictures painted by  her sons:

On our recent holiday to the Isle of Skye, we also remembered our girls:

I find creating memories and seeing the girls' names in all sorts of places keeps me going and gives me a smile. It is especially lovely when others remember my girls.


  1. I borrowed this idea from you (and Claudia) on my blog. Such a lovely idea x

  2. such a beautiful way to remember the girls x

  3. Absolutely Beautiful!! Such a wonderful way to remember you girls!!