Friday, 13 September 2013

Cassandra: A Letter to Lukas

Dear Lukas,

Five months ago you were born on the early hour of a Saturday morning. I will never forget that day because I have permanently imprinted it in my heart, mind and soul. The next morning you earned your angel wings, and I will never forget that day as well. I have never felt so much sadness filled with so much love at the same time. When I held you in my arms as you took your last breath it felt like the world had collapsed around me but yet it was such a peaceful and gentle moment. I like to think that the tears I cried at that moment blessed you with my eternal love for you. I wish that my love for you could have healed you and saved you.

Five months on and here we are. I still think about you everyday, I still miss you everyday, and I wonder about you all the time. Five months on and my love for you grows by the second. I never knew this kind of love existed. The kind of airy love that floats around spiritually. Its a love that is alive, a love that is yours.

Love Mummy

Cassandra writes about her journey of grief, love, hope and trying to find peace after the unexpected loss of Lukas, who died at 26 hours old, on her blog Lukas in the Stars.


  1. I am so sorry you lost your little man. I was reading his story on your blog - he was just beautiful. I loved the photo of him with his big sister. Just precious x

  2. Thank you Clara xx