Memorial Page

In loving memory of all our littles ones gone too soon...

Ethan  1st January 2012

Lilly  21st January 2011

Caius  30th January 2016

Ayla Hope  1st-4th February 2012

Emily  14th February 2011

Abbie  18th February 2018

Maisie  19th February 2015

Conner Mychal Truman  20th February 2010

Joshua Patrick  20th - 22nd February 2013

Leo  21st February 2014

Luna Isabella  26th February 2014

Milly  1st March 2013

Stan  8th March 2011

Leela Jayde  8th March 2014

Luca D'Oro  10th - 11th March 2013

Baby Boy  15th March 2013

Esmae  15th March 2015

Todd Fredrik  24th March 2013

Finley  23rd - 26th March 2012

Maisie  26th March 2013

Finnley  26th March 2014

Melody  26th February - 1st April 2012

Ethan  2nd April 2013

Haydon John James  26th December 2011 - 6th April 2012

Lukas Noel  13th - 14th April 2013

Molly  14th April 2011

Maeve Elizabeth  16th April 2013

Jack Francis  15th July 2011 - 21st April 2012

Laura  20th - 22nd April 2012

Max  28th April 2012

Baby Girl C  2nd May 2013

Angelica-May  3rd May 2013

Grace  4th May 2012

Charlie Reay  6th May 2012

Anna Marjorie  7th May 2015

James  14th May 2009

Scarlette & Issabelle  21st May 2014

Ethan  30th August 2007 - 27th May 2010

Seren Evelyn
  31st May 2013

Oscar  1st June 2013

Mia Rose  4th - 5th June 2012

Georgie  7th June 2013

Kayleigh  9th June 2002

Beth  9th June 2015

Lara  9th June 2011

Gabrielle  14th June 2015

Ruaridh  30th May - 1st July 2011

Clara Edith  1st July 2012

Charlie  2nd July 2014

Hunter  3rd July 2013

Baby Buddy  8th July 2017

Benjamin Alexander  12th July 2014

Harry  16th July 2013

Gabriel  19th July 2012

Isaac  20th July 2011

Findlay  20th July 2013

Callum  24th July 2012

Little Star  31st July 2011

Harry  1st August 2012

Lucia Jane  2nd August 2014

Isabella  4th August 2012

Isla  21st July - 9th August 2012

Xander  16th August 2011

Beth  5th September 2011

Jordan  7th September 2012

Eilish  16th November 2013 - 9th September 2014

Little Star  1st October 2010

Gabriel Jacob  4th October 2013

Maddox  5th October 2012

Elliot  7th October 2014

Oliver & Matthew  8th - 14th October 2012

Ethan  17th October 2011, aged 7 months

Jenna  25th October 2010

Angela  10th November 1966

Grace Elizabeth  12th November 2016

Joseph Alika Kealoha-Lopez  16th November 2017

Joey Mark Garrington  26th November 2012

Jamie  30th November 2012

Baby Gardner  December 2013

Henry  13th October - 1st December 2013

Baby T  12th December 2012

Chloe-Mai  26th December 2009

Jacob Kealoha-Lopez  29th December 2014

H  December 2011

Please comment below with name & dates if you would like your little one to be added. Alternatively, you can email the details to


  1. I have added all the little ones whose parents have contributed to the blog, where I have been able to find dates and names. I have also added the little ones from the Wave of Light post where I had dates.

    If anyone would like their little ones added, please comment below and I will include them xx

  2. Dear Clara,

    I would love to have my grandson's name added to the list above. My grandson was stillborn in September 2012 at 39 weeks, after a healthy pregnancy without any reason to believe that there was a problem, with mother or baby. There is never a reason found for his death, maybe the cord that was around his neck, maybe some problem with the placenta (which looked healthy)... no reason. In Jordan's memory I started collecting links about stillborn babies, looking for answers, unfortunately I found no answers but so much grief and so many families that have lost their babies too soon. I will add a link to this site to my websites... (in Dutch and English) and ... Wishing you and all the other mothers comfort and strength.

    Jordan - 7th September, 2012
    kind regards,

    1. Dear Pamela,

      I have added your little grandson Jordan, I am so sorry for your loss.

      I will add the links to your sites on our support and links page too over the next couple of days.

      Much love,
      Clara x

  3. Dear Clara,
    I would like my grandaughters name added to the list above please. Chloe-Mai was born an angel at 24 weeks gestation on 26th December 2009. My daughter went to hospital on Christmas Eve and we were told that evening that Chloe-Mai had died. We had to carry on as normal on Christmas day for my 2 sons and then as soon as my daughters partner flew back from Jersey we went to hospital to meet our little angel. After a post mortem it was discovered that my daughter had Placental Mesenchymal Dysplasia: a very rare condition.I now have a gorgeous grandson William for whom I am eternally thankful and my daughter is due again on 31st August but nothing ever can or will replace our little angel Chloe-Mai our angel in heaven xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Jill,

      I have added your little grand-daughter Chloe-Mai. I am so sorry to hear of her loss. I am so glad to hear that your daughter now has her rainbow baby.

      Clara xx

  4. Todd Fredrik March 24, 2013

  5. Dear Clara

    please could you add my beautiful baby girls name to your lovely list Charlie Reay was born sleeping 06th may 2012 her poor kidneys had not developed potters syndrome took my angel away please read her story

    need strength to help with her 1st birthday. Thinking of you angel xxx

    1. I have added Charlie for you Emma. I am so sorry for your loss. I've come across your blog before, very poignant. Please let us know if you would ever like to guest post on here.

      The run up to the 1st birthday is so very hard. We have just had Molly's 2nd birthday and we are approaching Grace's 1st birthday which is 2 days before Charlie's. I always find the build up to be so much worse than the actual day. We arrange something for the days that memorise the girls and that gives us a focus which really helps. Please feel free to email me for more info if you want.

      Much love xx

    2. Thank you so much, id be honoured to be a guest post on your page,

      happy 2nd angelversary Molly shine bright ill make sure i light a candle for baby grace,.just feels wrong that this is the way things turned out for us i think we are going to the crematorium for her 1st birthday to put some sunflowers in for her the year seems to have blended into 1 day its do strange,

      thank you Clara xxx much love

    3. Thank you Emma. I will light a candle for Charlie also.

      Please email us anything you think you would like to post on the blog. We'll link it back to your blog also xxx

  6. We didn't have a name picked out for our baby boy. We also chose not to see the baby, although the autopsy report said that everything was perfect (I have the same condition as you, Clara).

    I hope that if I can get pregnant again I will make different choices on the above should anything go wrong. Baby boy, March 15, 2013

    1. Jessica, I have added your little boy. I have also responded to your email. Much love, Clara xx

  7. I would love to have my daughter's name added to the list. Her name is Clara Edith. She was born still on July 1, 2012 at 42 weeks 3 days. <3

  8. Could you please add my son Jack Francis, 15/7/2011- 21/4/2012. Thanks. xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      I have added Jack Francis.
      Much love,

    2. Thank you! <3

  9. hi could you add my little boy
    Jamie 30.11.12
    thanks x

  10. Hi,
    I've just read every single one of the names above and am filled with love and sadness for all their bereaved mummies and daddies. I know none of us will ever forget our little ones, but there is something lovely about their names being here for strangers to read and to remember. So I would love it if you could add my little girl, Maeve Elizabeth 16/04/2013. Thank you x

    1. Thank you for your comments. I have added Maeve for you. I am so sorry for your loss xxx

  11. Can you add my little boy too please
    Lukas Noel, born 13.4.2013 passed away 14.4.2013
    Thank you xx

    1. I have added Lukas for you Cassandra. I am so sorry for your loss.
      Thank you for your comments on the blog xx

    2. Thank you for adding my little boy on your memorial page

  12. Anna Marjorie
    May 7, 2015

    1. I have added Anna Marjorie. I am so sorry for your loss x

  13. I would love to have my son's name added to the list. His name is Conner Mychal Truman.
    He was born on February 20, 2010 at 24 weeks 2 days.
    💟Thank you💟

  14. Hi, I would truly love and appreciate it if you can add both of my son's to your list.
    Jacob Kealoha-Lopez, I had a miscarriage on December 29, 2014 with him when I was only 10 weeks pregnant.
    Joseph Alika Kealoha-Lopez, he was born sleeping on November 16, 2017 when I was 35 weeks 4 days pregnant.
    Thank you.

    1. I have added your boys. So sorry for the delay in doing this xx

    2. Hey Clara
      Thank you for adding my babies, could you contact me through my email please.